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Thread: Suicide

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    Post Suicide

    Reactions? Opinions? Discuss.

    Also, please don't take this as a "I'm going to kill myself, woe is me" thread. I'm a happy fun lovin' guy. I just always find it funny how much people value life that they feel its wrong for others to exercise their right to end their own.. and this seems like a pretty balanced and unbiased forum to have an open discussion on the topic.

    If you've lost someone due to suicide, I'd especially like to hear your opinion.. please don't take offence, I'm truly interested in this topic, and I think that through awareness, a lot of pain can be prevented.

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    If you're going to do it, fo it right:

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    they just want attention. its just so god damn simple.
    unless they just do it and tell nobody.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    Suicide - Is there any future in it?

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    One of my cousins blew his brains out with a shotgun in the road, in front of his house, in front of his wife and young kids. What a worthless piece of crap. I refused to go to his funeral.

    I don't care one way or the other if someone wants to commit suicide. I think it's usually a permanent solution to temporary problems, which doesn't make much sense. But when it affects others, especially children, it is a really horrible, selfish, disgusting thing to do.

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    my neighbor in ocean cities best friend from back in york, pa shot the school principle, then shot himself 2 years ago. my friend said he did it cuz his girlfriend broke up with him and his grades sucked and he just found himself useless.

    i also agree its a selfish, disgusting thing to do. especially to take down someone else while doing so.

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    Gotta agree with blurp. Suicide is a chicken **** way out.
    I've been so low at points in my life where I considered it an option, but never gone through. I once made a feeble attention-getting attempt.

    But if someone wants to die, they should be allowed to die. In the US, we're guaranteed these inalieable rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    Well, if your pursuit has failed miserably in your eyes, your guarantee of life should also include ending that life, should it not?
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    Suicide is for the weak. We all have problems, it's all in how you deal w/ them & suicide is not the answer! As blurp said, suicide is "a permanent solution to temporary problems." The only time that suicide should even be considered an option is if you have a painful, life-ending situation w/ no hope of recovery and have tried all other options available to you.
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