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Thread: Thinking about going manual..

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    Well, all cars I owned happen to be manual transmission (2 Supras and a Matrix). **** I even took the driving test in a manual car.
    Stop and go traffic isn't bad with manual. Down hill and up hill is what really kill you. Been to China Town San Fransico? You will be in trouble if you aren't a pro or don't know the trick.
    If I am buying another car that consider sport or sporty, I buy a manual trans again.
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    Here in europe the standard is manual, so I drove manual all my life.

    But the daily traffic jams made me go with an auto for my current car.

    I took the geartronic thing (that's how volvo calls it), but it's complete **** compared to manual. Manual isn't only diciding WHEN you want to change gears, but also HOW you change gears.

    All the control you have driving manual is gone, even with geartronic.

    That being said, I love the luxury of having the auto in daily traffic.

    Gas mileage is a lot worse though. But I bet AWD doesn't help there either...

    On the ease of use when drunk I can say that changing gears hasn't ever been a problem. Usualy, if you can't change gears anymore, you should stay away from the wheel because you're way too drunk.

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    Once shifting becomes a mindless task, stop and go is no problem. If you're worried about having to shift while juggling a cell phone, cigarette, and cup of coffee, then you don't belong on public streets anyway. Manual is what real men choose. I like a man who knows how to use his stick.

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    I've only had manual transmissions. I live in the Washington, D.C. area and commute in stop and go traffic every day. Lots of people say they can't stand a manual in those conditions, but I don't know, I just feel more connected to the car. Like I'm actually DRIVING it because you are deciding when and where to select the gears.

    Probably a stupid reason but I just enjoy driving a stick. It's fun. And after awhile, you don't even have to think about it.
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    well my first car was a auto, now I've got a manual. I don't think I'll be going back to an auto any time soon. I drive in NYC traffic so you know its bad. Like others have said u get used to it and it becomes second nature. In the begining there were a couple of times were my leg would start to hurt in stop and go traffic but that doesn't happen anymore.
    Oh and you have a very strong left calf muscle after a while.
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    I have had my share of cars, 2 have been auto 6 manual, the ones that were auto were not my choice. Anyway, driving an MT in traffic is not as bad as people say, once it becomes second nature. Like many said, it puts you in control of your car. If you do end up getting a MT I guarantee within a month of driving it will be like nothing to drive in any situation and it will be 10x the fun down backroads and through S-Curves!
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    I've always had a manual. I was able to get > 40 mpg average city/highway with my Civic HX (not a hybrid). I don't really mind doing stop and go occasionally, but I don't live in a big city either.

    If you're really interested, I'd recommend trying it out but with a car you won't have a problem re-selling in a year if you can't stand it.

    Story time.

    You say you were able to use it without feeling the shifts... the best test for that (IMHO) is to watch your passenger's head. If they're bobbing forward and back as you shift, then you're just fooling yourself by compensating your head motion ... you know what the car's going to do. It means you're aware of the car's motion (a good thing), but it doesn't mean that you're actually shifting smoothly.

    For 4 years or so after getting my license I thought I was doing really well until I noticed my passengers doing the headbanging thing. I then put up some fuzzy dice on the rearview mirror and watched them (out of the corner of my eye) during daily driving until I could make them stop swinging so badly as I shifted. After I did that, I got comments about how much my driving had improved...
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    I drive an AT. I hate it. The only thing that is stopping me from getting an MT is traffic. I love MT when the freeway is nice and empty. Hell, I can't even stand my car in traffic, I get REALLY ****ed off.



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    I'm stuck in the Wash. DC traffic too; but as others have stated, it truly becomes subconcious.
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    you should get a MT. nothing like it... As one would say: Driving, how it was ment to be...

    Think of this. If you have an AT, and even cruise control, on the freeway you could fall asleep easily, all you have to do is steer... now that doesn't feel to connected to the car... i alwasys was freaking out wheneve i used the cruise on my old cars... no connection to them... no controll... I hated it...

    Plus you tend to get "old" in an AT. I stuck behind ppl, i wasn't as "lively" as i am now with the MT. IT PURE FUN... as my description of the car says under my name

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