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Thread: FAT32+4GB interbase file+corporate buearacracy = 15hrs of overtime for me

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    FAT32+4GB interbase file+corporate buearacracy = 15hrs of overtime for me

    See why I wanted to smack him with a salmon?

    It's a single-file database. FAT32 cannot address files larger than 4GB. They have never pruned the DB and have had the installation for about 6 years. Result: Catastrophic Database Failure, and a healthy dose of the customer being ****ed at me.

    Did I mention that they had not been doing regular backups?

    My shift started at 11AM yesterday. Overtime kicked in at 8PM. I handed the call off at 630AM and then went to sleep for 6 hrs. There was 3 inches of snow that had come out of nowhere--it was 70F on Thursday. Came back into the office at 2pm and and we finally got them up and going, with a nicely pruned 1.5GB DB. Left at 6:30PM.

    95% of my time on this issue was waiting for them to find someone and/or make a decision as to whether or not they were going to restore the 10 day old backup. WTF else were they going to do?

    Sleep now........
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    I feel your pain, brother.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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