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Thread: Any Realtors here with access to MLS?

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    Any Realtors here with access to MLS?

    Looking for someone to lend me a hand. Im trying to get a hold of an old listing from the MLS. Only searchable by Realtors with full access.... Please reply if you can help me out!
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    I have an MLS account for Rhode Island. I dont know if it provides national access but its worth a shot.
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    Sorry about the threadjack, but why is it so hard to get a listing on the MLS? The cheapest place in my area charges 1 percent (I think). That's a hella-lotta-cashola! Does MLS charge that much to the realtor, or is it simply that the MLS subscriptions are only given out to "select" people?
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    not sure yet.
    hes trying to find an old listing. I dont know if they archive them or not. I know the books are ****ing huge.
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