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Thread: Compaq 1080i MP1410 digital projector... worth much?

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    Compaq 1080i MP1410 digital projector... worth much?


    I recently got one of these projectors, and have been playing around with it. I purchased the optional home theater kit from Compaq, and it plays beautifully! Here are a couple of links to specs:

    It still looks pretty spendy. My wife and I are going to be in an apartment for a little while longer than anticipated, and so I don't need the projector anymore. My plan was to build a theater room in my house, but by the time we get it, there will be MUCH better projectors out there that I KNOW will tempt me. I was wondering... if I were to sell it... how much would be a fair asking price? I really have no idea. I was just wondering. Any feedback would be great. Thanks!


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    It's a compcrap......

    Nuff said....



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    well if it helps a lil bit

    thats mine i got it for 600 bucks new

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    1080i MP1410 Projector ( I HOPE YOU STILL HAVE IT)


    I have been searching google for 2 weeks, trying to find a used MP1410 projector. I've had no luck, even on Ebay. To make a long story short, I borrowed this exact model projector from a friend and broke it. Needless to say, no spare parts are available through Compaq. I've offered to replace my friends projector with the exact same one or I will vulture a used one for spare parts. Whichever of the two works out better for our sitution. My next option is to purchase another brand, but he already has accessories and such for this model.

    Your post came up in a google search and I joined this forum just so I could contact you. However, I've browsed the discussions and I might stick around.

    We have not worked out the details. Can you please email me at [email protected] to let me know if you still have it available?

    We use projectors for our travel business. I am interested in purchasing it from you, if you still have it. I will purchase something within the next 2 weeks, but I would like to hear from you first.

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    This thread is over a year old......

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