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Thread: Am I screw?

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    taking it? they are extracting it with force like an elephant standing on his bladder!

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    better than with a syringe.

    my son was at the doctors when he was a few days old and they needed to get a sample, unfortunately he had just been, so they stuck a needle staight into his bladder

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    that doesnt sound normal!!! surely that can cause an infection...but i suppose urine is sterile. did they not put a catheter up his urethra?

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    And you let them do that??

    What kind of a father are you?

    I would have killed them, and their grandchildren too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MatrixPC
    I bought an AKAI 42" plasma TV on new year day from Compusa.
    A month and 1/2 later it broke: no color, just black an white on Composite Video and S-Video, but other inputs are fine. Another problem is that the TV doesn't response to the remote nor the button on the panel after about 1 hr of using. The only way to get the TV to response is full power down (switch off or unplug the cord.)

    I call Akai tech service, and they are nice to help solve the problem. A week later Akai authorize service tech call and inform me that they will be the one who service the TV and ask me to describe the problem. Another week later (2/28), they called me and told me that they can't fix the problem cuz there isn't available part from Akai and inform me to return to the store (CompUSA).

    I know CompUSA isn't take anything back after their 21 days return policy. So I called Akai Tech again and ask for the returning process. They told me just bring the TV to the store and return it. If they have problem, let the store call Akai CS and they will authorize the return.

    Well, I brought the TV to the store and sure, they denied to take it back and refuse to call Akai CS, but told me to talk to the CompUSA GM. I am waiting for the store to open and call to talk to the GM.

    What if CompUSA GM refused to take it back?

    So what are/is my option(s)?
    - Keep calling Akai for return or replace?
    - Call my CC and reverse the charge. It's not likely possible, but I'll try let see what they can do.
    - I really hate to go to the legal process.

    I am getting a 42" Sceptre or the 42" Vizio from Costco this time.

    Matrix, what does the manufacturer warranty say. Compusa must follow CompUSA policy, and Akai must follow tAkai policy.

    If COMPUSA says no returns or exchanges after 21 days, then they have no responsibility to take it back.

    That is why the Akai warranty is sooo important. If they say, Hey, no warranty, then you have a VERY expensive paper wheight. They probably do have some sort of warranty. Follow the instruction on the warranty information, they may require you call a special number, send it to them, have a local fix it and submit the receipt, WHO KNOWS, well, I guess you should know. So, read your warranty information, and let us know what it says.

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    Sounds like Akai are a bunch of chickens running with their heads chopped off.

    I used to have a 42" AKAI Plasma (I bought from Costco)....

    It was a complete POS. After it burned out (only had it for about 5 months), I took it back to Costco, and bought a real nice Pioneer unit.

    I payed the difference which was only like $300.. Ended up MUCH happier....



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    Contact your credit card company.

    From my CC bill; "If you have a problem with the quality of property or services that you purchased with a credit card and you have tried in good faith to correct the problem with the merchant, you may have the right not to pay the remaining amount due on the property or services. You have this protection only when the purchase was more than $50.00 and the purchase was made in your home state or within 100 miles of your mailing address."

    Write your credit card a letter detailing the whole problem between you and CompUSA.

    You could always try this: Return the TV (take a witness with you). Tell them your credit card company told you to return the TV, and that if they refuse to refund, you will do a charge-back. Call your credit card company while you are in the store and start the process. Stores hate charge-backs, and can lose the abilty to take CC, if they have a high number of charge-backs.

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    Well I called Akai again yesterday (Tue 3/7) and ask them if they did any papper work yet. I happen to talk to the same guy I talk to on Monday. He said he already fax the info over to Compusa. Compusa have to reply back to him or whatever. I asked him how long that process take. He replied that it should be done by Thusday 3/9.
    Okay, I tried to call compusa GM right after hang up with Akai CS, but can't get a hold off him. I'll try again later when the store open. Anyway, I think compusa Gm is off on Thusday cuz he wasn't there last Thursday.
    Anyway, by Friday (3/10), if compusa didn't take the tv back when I bring the tv over, I'll call Akai and have the GM talk. If they still don't take it back, I'll call my CC right on the spot to request a charge back.
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