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    Open Office

    OKay, I am too cheap to go and buy Word, so I have open office. I am trying to type out a letter and it constantly gives me suggestions on the words that I am trying to type. It is getting on my last nerve, how do I turn this thing off? Thanks

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    in the options somewhere, look for the main section called "AutoCorrect" -> "Word Completion"

    uncheck the "enable..."
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    Have you ever tried Word Perfect (yes it is owned by crappy Corel)? It can be had for super cheap, I bought a copy that I don't use for $12.
    I used to like it a lot more than Word back before it was pushed to the edge of the market. All I can say is after two years of using Open Office at school because I had to, I sure was happy when Microsoft donated MS Office to our computer lab.
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