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Thread: Western Union

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    ******* AWESOME....

    I mean, OBVIOUS scam... he wants you to "wait on the money" until you receive his fake as letter, lol... BUT....

    ******* GREAT ---

    He's going to send FedEX HIMSELF and pay shipping --- dude, play along, 100%, and just send him a box of rocks, nice and expensive .... with a letter saying "**** YOU"

    Seriously .... get this ****** back.

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    For all of you thinking about sending him a box of rocks; if you read up on this type of scam, alsmot 99% of the time, the FEDEX qaccount is a stolen account. It will get shipped to wherever this scammer wants it to get shipped to, but someone else will get billed.

    419-baiting is nice, but the better solution is to completely ignore anyone like this. If you sell something on eBay, and the buyer wants to use Western Union, or money order or a check it's most likely a scam. If they want you to ship it to South Africa, or Nigeria, or some other place along those lines, it's a scam. If they offer you more than what you are selling it for, and tell you to send them the difference, it's a scam. If they are buying it for their son in college in England, it's a scam.

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