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Thread: The Raelian Message

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    The Raelian Message


    Traces of this epic masterpiece of creation can be found in all religious writings and traditions. It is to them that Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed referred. It is now time to welcome them.


    On the 13th of December 1973, French journalist Rael was contacted by a visitor from another planet, and asked to establish an Embassy to welcome these people back to Earth.

    The extra-terrestrial human being was a little over four feet tall, had long dark hair, almond shaped eyes, olive skin, and exuded harmony and humor. Rael recently described him by saying quite simply, "If he were to walk down a street in Japan, he would not even be noticed." In other words, they look like us, and we look like them. In fact, we were created "in their image" as explained in the Bible.

    He told Rael that:

    "We were the ones who designed all life on earth"
    "You mistook us for gods"
    "We were at the origin of your main religions"
    "Now that you are mature enough to understand this,we would like to enter official contact through an embassy"


    The messages dictated to Rael explain that life on Earth is not the result of random evolution, nor the work of a supernatural 'God'. It is a deliberate creation, using DNA, by a scientifically advanced people who made human beings literally "in their image" -- what one can call "scientific creationism." References to these scientists and their work, as well as to their symbol of infinity, can be found in the ancient texts of many cultures. For example, in Genesis, the Biblical account of Creation, the word "Elohim" has been mistranslated as the singular word "God", but it is actually a plural word which means "those who came from the sky", and the singular is "Eloha" (also known as "Allah"). Indigenous cultures all over the world remember these "gods" who came from the sky, including natives of Africa (Dogon, Twa, etc.), America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

    Leaving our humanity to progress by itself, the Elohim nevertheless maintained contact with us via prophets including Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, etc., all specially chosen and educated by them. The role of the prophets was to progressively educate humanity through the Messages they taught, each adapted to the culture and level of understanding at the time. They were also to leave traces of the Elohim so that we would be able to recognize them as our Creators and fellow human beings when we had advanced enough scientifically to understand them. Jesus, whose father was an Eloha, was given the task of spreading these messages throughout the world in preparation for this crucial time in which we are now privileged to live: the predicted Age Of Revelation.

    And most important of all, download and read the free e-book, "Intelligent Design - Message from the Designers" the book which will revolutionize your thinking, transform your life and which is already changing the world.

    For more information visit and discover the truth about our origins.

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    omfg i've heard about you people and you're a bunch of ******* idiots.

    please please please end your lives.. i will donate all the black clothes and sneakers you need.. oh, and the fruit punch too.. look out, here comes the comet!

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    lol I saw this on TV once, I think it was on "Believe it on Not" or something like that.
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    Eh, I give your ideas as much weight as anything christianity has managed. :P

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    Sounds like an offshoot of Schientology to me.
    B F D.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    Good ole Maine. Gotta love trees and deer.
    sounds like the tv show Stargate to me......
    UPDATE: I moved farther north. Now its even too cold for the deer; only moose now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raelian1
    "Now that you are mature enough to understand this,we would like to enter official contact through an embassy"
    This is the part I just can't accept. No alien species capable of creating life would say the we as a society are mature.

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    Q: Is the Raelian Movement a Cult ? We must first define the word cult.
    The word "cult" connotes neither good nor evil. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines a cult as "a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also: its body of adherents."

    A: Based on this rather simple definition, every church body may be classified as a cult. But there is another definition offered by Webster's , which is more akin to the use of the word employed by theologians and sociologists: "a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also: its body of adherents," and "great devotion to a person, idea, or thing."

    So in this sense, the answer is yes.
    It is from the word 'cult' that we get the word 'culture'. The Roman Catholic church is another successful cult.
    There you have it folks, straight from their site's FAQ: it's a cult. An answer Bill Clinton would be proud of. Oh, very entertaining FAQ's, btw. Go FAQ yourself =)

    Quote Originally Posted by spammer
    "Now that you are mature enough to understand this,we would like to enter official contact through an embassy"
    Hell, tell them to come back themselves... I've got some serious customer dissatisfaction issues to discuss with them. They need to design me a guy who can design me a cheaper carPC.

    *I have GOT to stop feeding FAQing trolls/spammers*

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    Get a life Raelian1 you gulliable, brainwashed freak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raelian1

    Hmmmm, Human scientists? like us? so uh, who created them? god? or other human scientists? Its apparently the perpetual motion machine that cant exist..... GO HUMANS!

    Bunch of damn retards...
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