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Thread: Car paint

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    Car paint

    Okay, any of you people ever had an entire car painted, new color and everything? My gf wants her new car to be yellow. What is the price range for a fairly good glossy job. She doesnt want hyper color changing paint, but the $250 job at the local shop isnt gonna cut it methinks.... thoughts?
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    Just find a newly paved road and follow the paint truck...
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    I went through the whole process two years ago....And it was not quick, and not cheap. I changed the colour of my RX-7 from the stock "tornado silver" (dog **** brown metallic) to the dark metallic crimson it is now. The whole process took 4 months, as I decided to do the prep work and simple body work myself. The body shop replaced my rear wheel wells due to rust, but I had the job of fixing all the little dents and dings myself, as well as replacing the front right fender and front bumper. After I had the dents filled and the car primed (which I had to do in several stages) it was time to sand. I have never sanded so much in my life. Every weekend I was out there wet sanding the car with paper so smooth it might as well have been paper towel. 2 months of sanding, filling, sanding, priming, etc. And always, there was another little spot that needed to be done. Or a little speck that needed to be filled. I could have gone on forever, but winter was coming. The car went to the body shop to be sprayed, and was there for 2 weeks while they layed on the undercoat, and then all the layers of clear....

    I don't remember how much I spent, as I lost track after $5000. You're looking at $3000 minimum for a properly done paint job. Maaco sucks, their paint is crap and the morons working there shouldn't even be allowed to hold a paint gun.
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    Re: Car paint

    Originally posted by smashr2k
    but the $250 job at the local shop isnt gonna cut it methinks....

    I know someone who had there car repainted, for that kind of money, in was so bad, we could even see the brush marks!

    If you've got the time, and a mate with the right kit, who knows what they're doing then you could probably do it for about $250, unless you want fancy paint (metalic, two-tone, pearl, etc) It's pretty easy, as working on cars goes.

    Also depending on how much you want to respray will effect how long it takes & cost, (does it matter if under the bonnet it's a different color ?)

    Lastly don't use cheap paint, it will look bad if you do, I learn this the hard way, and had to redo all my work.

    I've never done a full car yet, but I've done quite a few panels on a couple of cars, and I'm planning on redoing the Mini during the summer.

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