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Thread: HAHAHA, Spammers are stupid.....

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    HAHAHA, Spammers are stupid.....

    I just got this email regarding this product that I'm selling on craigslist.....


    I just check on the item again and thanks for your quick response, am purchasing this item for my son, am also a seller the item is out of my stock, that was why i have to contact other seller on craigslist to get it for my son, which I will offer $35 if my offer is accepted, we can proceed with the payment , which i will make an immediately payment as soon as i recieve your mailing/contact address and your full name. Do send me your mailing/contact address and your full name, so i can send the payment via Money Gram International.

    Meanwhile, am paying for the shipping cost, which I had contact my fedex Courier company concerning the shipment, the shipment will be charged through my fedex account, so you will not be charge for any bill just send me your mailing/contact address and your full name so i can contact Money Gram International to proceed with the payment thanks.

    Waiting for your quick response.

    Telefax: 208-330-2814



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    you should give her the white house address and your name is G. W.
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