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Thread: Oil Change every 5000???

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    Bah, just pour some water in there. It oils it up fine. My car has been running off of water for oil and urine for gasoline for years.

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    gotta be sure to drink a lot

    cars run better on urine that has a lot of beer in it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red GTi VR6
    sure, that makes sense...all companies do this...they're all out to SCREW YOU!

    Not exactly what I was tring to say, and when I said oil companies I was really refering to Super Lube as much as Castrol. But, what the hell SCREW THE MAN!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red GTi VR6
    on this, many mechanics that I have talked with say to just use the factory filters. They aren't all that much more expensive.

    and when you think about it, if a company has to put a warranty behind their product like a car company, and has to stand behind it like that, they are going to make a product that can withstand it.

    seperate filter companies don't have that same liability.
    exactly. thats why i use pug filters. They are made by purflow and are miles better than Fram.

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    I use mobil 1 filters. Haven't had any problems, except for disappearing oil

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