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Thread: Computer problem

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    Computer problem

    Alright, complete newbie sorry, i dont know if this is the right section, but here goes

    Nissan Sentra 2002...when i was starting my car a few weeks ago every so often (often when it rained outside) it would make this crazy electrical noise...the interior lights would flash by the speedometer...but if u stuck with it the car would start...well my car got inspected the other day and apparently I need a new computer for my car (makes sense)...well, the thing was going to take a week to come in, and it was driveable (at that point) so I used it until then obviously...well today (thursday) i go out to start my car (its not raining this time) and it makes the weird electrical noise...u dont hear the car trying to start at all, but its just an electronic clicking...but this time it doesent start...i go on doing this for awhile, and it doesnt start i kept doing it it got to the point where the noises were gettin quieter and less often...i thought this meant my battery was dying (and no i didnt leave the lights on the night before) but then out of absolutely no where it started up...

    i had to run errands, i needed to go to the bank, ect...and since it started i got optimistic it would again...but the next time i tried to start it it wouldnt go...i went on with this for about 30 min. tryin to start it, but it wouldnt got to the point where like, the wind shield wiper (just one) would randomly come on...and when i went to lock my car i couldnt even use the automatic locks

    question: Do i bother trying to go back to where its at (in a parking lot) and starting it, or does this thing def. need towed? could the battery be dead? the computer comes in on monday, so if i do get it started, Im going to drive right to the place and leave it there (which is unfortunetly 45 min away...but its alright cause my rents live back there and theres a spare car i can bum)

    thanks guys..once again, im not good with cars by any means, any help would be appreciated


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    haha...uh yea, i just figured out this is an MP3 forum...prolly not where i should be posting this

    but if anyone can help me out regardless, would be appreciated

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    alternator. Your battery is slowly losing charge and alternator won't recharge it. i'm supprised you were able to keep it running at all. The clicking is the starter, it doesn't have enough juice to turn over the engine and continuous cranking might damage that as well. Don't go to whoever said you need a new computer their trying to screw you. To get a free alternator test just go to a generic auto parts store like checker or pep boys and they usuallly have a free test they can run.

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    It could also be a bad ground somewhere. I have experience similar symptoms form corrosion getting on ground points especially around my starter. I have also seen similar things happen if the distributor cap is bad.
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    sounds like your battery is dead, but the alternator may not be the culprit. A lot of cars have the voltage regulator circuit built into the car's PCM (powertrain control module) and that will also cause your car not to charge your battery. Given that you car is 4 years old, and a Nissan, I doubt the alternator is suspect. As you already found out, you need a new PCM and you already have it on order.
    If possible, have the car jump started, and go straight to the dealer, or whereever you went for the pcm, and drop the car off and wait for the part to arrive.
    As someone else posted, a bad ground could also be a cause, but the pcm is my best guess, given the info. you provided.
    Others may argue, but my 15 yrs. as an ASE certified Master Technician tells me the PCM is toast. (of course diagnosing over the internet is not the easiect either)
    good luck

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    yeah, I had a Jetta and it looked like the alternator was bad so I took it to the dealer and they changed it and that didn't fix the problem... it turns out that after they called Germany a few times they weeded it down to a lose cable going to the starter that was shorting out, causing a voltage drop which made it look like the alternator was bad... it was so wierd when the battery was dying, the whole car went crazy, doors locked and unlocked, windows and sunroof opened, wipers and all kind of lights got a mind of thier own. Good luck!
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    post this same question on
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    why was this moved to the mac section?
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    no, it was posted in the mac section, now its been moved to OT.
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