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Thread: Problems loading XP/2K, but Linux ok? WTH?

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    Just a thought. Have you tried rolling back the bios to the original one then trying the factory disks?
    If no luck - try the windows PE route.
    BartPE is a pretty good freeware (if you have a windows xp cd) method.
    As I understand, you copy the i386 folder onto the laptop, boot from the BartPE cd and run setup. It worked for me with a HP pavillion desktop.
    If no luck then perhaps your video bios is flakey. Could you flash it from a boot disk - maybe BartPE?

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    ^ tried everything you mentioned except rolling back the bios. Not sure where to find an older bios for it though.

    I am however seriously considering keeping it around to learn Linux on. Its too nice of a laptop to give away too cheap. And I really DO want to learn Linux one day anyway. Maybe its a sign!

    EDIT: Video Bios....hmmmmm
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    If only every comp did this.
    Only real way linux is gonna take over in the near future.

    Good luck tho.
    Already have done everything i would try.
    just sounds like bad luck.....
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    still installing...

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