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Thread: so yeah i'm 21

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    Quote Originally Posted by anky1
    yeah, me and that girl broke it off like 2-3 months ago. no marriage for me.
    WTF? you where engaged... i thought you guys where doiing good... wow... well, here's a ber to your freedom, tha you still have

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    happy 21st.

    <== see, It's not hard to end up like me
    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

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    Happy belated birthday!

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    Happy Birthday - party up now when you still can - just be safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motoko
    is that a beer belly?

    I drank so much between midnight and 2am

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scouse Monkey
    haha i was gonna say that! happy 21st but now get down the gym and get rid of that gut!
    Have you got rid of yours yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris31
    Have you got rid of yours yet?

    needs to get rid of the black penis he seems to have grown first though. (NSFW)

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    my ID says im 21 everywhere I go...

    neways... HBD..... i still got 2 more to go before that one.

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