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Thread: duct tape racing stripes

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    duct tape racing stripes

    I was thinking of putting white racing stripes on my light blue volvo 940 to show off some school spirt (light blue and white are the colors) in an inexpensive and hilarious way. I was wondering if duct tape would ruin the paint job. I've asked around and it seems as though DUCK brand has a very strong adhesive and will ruin the paint. However, for color duct tapes, the adhesive is generally much weaker. I've had a friend who's done this but with an old car he spray painted over before he put duct tape on. Has anyone ever tried putting duct tape on a car without having any problems? Or are there any brands in particular that work well? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Duct tape will totally screw up your paint job.

    Painter's tape, however, will not. It comes in blue, other colors, too, possibly. Just dont drive on the interstate.
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    I agree, it WILL screw up your paint. Here in Florida some people use it on their windows before a hurricane to reduce shives in case the window gets smashed (it does not work, hopefully people will start to realize that).
    It leaves a nasty residue that can only be removed with sharp objects (will break your fingernales) AND goof off.
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    Painters tape works a lot better and looks WAY cooler.
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    You could probably also use gaff tape. Looks just like duck/duct tape, but comes in many different colors and leaves no sticky residue. It's most commonly used to tape down audio, power, and lighting cables in the theater and film industry.

    You might also want to check this stuff out:


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