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Thread: Internet Addiction

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    Quote Originally Posted by migel628
    Cancer and these "disorders" are 2 totally different things. Cancer is a disease, these "disorders" are bull****.
    Well, there you have it. You believe this stuff is made up, that a chemical imbalance in the brain is not a medical problem or that treatment that involves behavior modification isn't legitimate. That seems to be associated with a personal observation that someone you know is hiding behind a disorder as an excuse.

    Well of course people fake mental illnesses, just like they fake physical ones like back injuries or carpal tunnel, etc. That doesn't make them illegitimate, it makes those people fakers.

    It strikes me that one could use the "try harder" logic for people who exhibit physical differences. They could do 100 pull ups or run that extra mile if they REALLY wanted to and worked at it.

    But of course, they can't because they aren't physically able to do it. These disorders are very similar because the people who (legitimately) have them are unable to do it. A very few can, for example, quit cigarettes. The rest cannot, because they aren't mentally able to do so.
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    I've been watching this thread since it started. There is some good advice, but a lot of debate over disease, disorder and addiction. I'd like to put in my two cents.

    first off, I'm no psyc. I just want to offer some help.
    limiting your internet isn't helping. you already know this. can you stop it altogether? maybe. but you'll find something else.
    the internet is not the problem. that's where you go to get away from your problem. you need to go further.

    i don't think it's boredom. it's probably not that you need internet communication.
    most likely, you are trying to get away from something. there is something unfulfilling with your life, and you need to find out what it is. it might be something like work, where you live, your personal life, family life. it might be you trying to ignore a difficult time in your life. maybe you are afraid of your future.

    I think you need to keep searching. find out what's wrong in your life, and try to address it.

    I hope that you are not reading this thread. I hope that you can solve this problem. If not, I hope that this is helpful.

    I know i'm going on and on, but i have one more point. dont let anyone who is not in your situation tell you to "suck it up" or some bull**** like that. that's no help to anyone.

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