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Thread: New Software for DIVx Conversion???

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    New Software for DIVx Conversion???

    What do you guys think of this:

    Feed back please??
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    Not used it.
    It sounds easy - but in my experience (with other "one touch convert" programs) you'll get bored of the limitations and want to improve the output. Free software such as Gordian Knot et al provide you with more options to do just that. H264 output is just a codec away.
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    ive never used that specific program to convert videos but what i have used and works really well is Xilisoft Video Converter. you can pretty much convert any format to any format.
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    I love Apollo's software, converts using the codecs you have. I do Xvid and AC3

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    For DVD to Xvid, I've been using SimpleDivX, works well for what I want at the moment. If you plan on going to iPod format (not sure what it's called), but I think Quicktime will do the conversion for you. Also, I'm sure there are plenty of free alternatives out there that are equivilant to (or better than) the software you listed, although I have no basis for comparison. It's a matter or trial and error until you find what you need.
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