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Thread: clutch job on a 2001 Eclipse Spyder GT ~$859.44?

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    clutch job on a 2001 Eclipse Spyder GT ~$859.44?

    ah! as expected, the clutch is starting to go out on my used 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. Interestingly enough, its only notable after it has been driven for a few minutes.

    Its quite an expected repair for a used car and its good its happening now that i have the money rather than later.

    Anyway, When you accelerate while in gear, the RPM's go up but transmission of power is not beeing sent untill a few moments later. Slippage. This is more obvious on all gears except 1rst.

    SO i looked around for some pricing, there is a Transmission shop right next to my house. They look well equiped and have TONS of business going in and out every day.

    I asked them for their opinion... they drove my car, and said it needs a clutch.
    Price quoted: $854.44 total of which 360.00 is labor.

    Then, I called two dealers and one wants about $1,000 and the other wants $1,160.

    All of them can get it done and out on the road in 0.5 to 1.0 day.

    Last time i took it to the dealer for A timing belt, i ended up paying about $700.00 out of the 499.00 quoted. They said the crank pully had cracked and the tensioner was leaking... what ever that was (extended warranty covered some of the parts) however im kind of reluctant to take it back to a dealer.


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    Most clutch jobs are ~500-900 I'd say.

    Id recommend doing any other trans work at the same time since youll already have it off. (Limited slip, fly wheel, etc...)
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    Timing belt jobs can be quite easy or difficult depending on the make/model/type of car. (Transverse vs. Longitudinal) A lot of the time you can do it yourself.

    The clutch job OTOH, usually requires a lift, plus a transmission jack/lift and specialty tools. At least the cars I and my friends have owned that have needed clutch repair/upgrades had to go to a repair shop to be done and they cost between $600-$1500 CAD. On the up side, as judoGTI stated, at least if you've already got it off, you might as well do some upgrades or preventative maintenance. (ie anything that looks like it may go, change it)

    I am not familiar with the Eclipse and am not a professional mechanic, but that price doesn't look unreasonable.

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    that price is good. don't take it to the dealers. I cracked my oil pan, and they quoted me $550, and it ended up costing $630. For 4 hours of work and parts... Anyways my clutch is almost gone as well, to a point,where it holds nicelyin the gears, but i can't peel off from a red light, than it slips. I got quoted by the dealer ~$1200 to do the job, and a local tach wanted about $950-$1000. with stock parts. Id recommend you looking into all the parts that can be changed in the tranny, and get some aftermarket, maybe better quality parts than stock. I researched them for my Passat, and found that there are good quality aftermarket price to close as stock price, maybe a littlebit higher, and found a mechanic, who did a ton of work on my cars so far (including a full brake upgrade, and lowering my car) that will do it for $300 in labor plus parts. so all in all, if i'm lucky to get some deal on the aftermarket parts, i'll be done with like $700-$800 out the door, and have a better-than-stock tranny. altoghether, meaning flywheel, full clutch kit, racing tranny fluid.

    My 2 cents: Research a heck of a lot, and make an informed decision.



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    I did a swap at my shop for $250, and a new clutch is no more then $200 so look at some other shops

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    360 for labor is fair for the job. 500 for the parts seems a tad high. Find out what all they are replacing for that price. Minimum you would want is a new clutch disc, pressure plate, and throwout bearing. Ask if they are replacing or just resurfacing the flywheel.
    Have the slave cylinder inspected and replaced if necessary.
    Whaile the transaxle is out of the car, have them inspect the cv joints on the axles, and while thay are at it, change the gear oil in the transaxle. Just a pm (preventative maintanance) thing on this.

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    I don't know if this is something you'd be interested in, but the local high school has an automotive shop and when my clutch went on my beater car, I had them install it for no labor charge. All I had to purchase was the parts and the teacher is also a manager of a local auto parts store, so I got an employee discount as well. Good luck with whatever you decide
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    Whatever you do, don't take it to the guy that does it in his back yard.

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    Well, im going in today at 8:00am for the repair. Thanks for the information! I will ask for fluids and inspections to adjacent components while they are accessible and change of fluids.

    thanks a million!

    About the flywheel resurface, is that a standard procedure when changing a clutch? Or is that something that must be requested? what is the purpose? (i'd like to understand this better)

    So far im aware the shop had to order a clutch kit for the car. (what ever that involves, i'll be finding out today)


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    Did you ask on You'll get a lot more specific experience.

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