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Thread: Advice needed on backing up data

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    Advice needed on backing up data

    I think its come time to lose my 2 160GB drives and get one large one or even 2 small 250s. I video edit as a hobby and dont want to lose any of my data while doing this swap so heres my plan
    get a 300 gb seagate sata drive to replace the 2 160gb maxtor atas
    also get a lacie or WD or ?? brand external usb.20 drive to make backups 250 320. doesnt matter

    So i was gonna get the external hook it up and dump the contents of the drives onto the external minus the os files etc

    are there any apps that will write the files to the external drive and make a checksum file id hate to lose anything in the backup process

    thanks alot
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    I have got a 40gb pocket drive - laptop drive in a usb 2.0 case
    and it takes a long time to fill up - use it to take home work or downloads
    - sometimes takes 30 min to an hour or more to copy 20gb to it,
    and everything is USB 2.0

    you should get ether get a firewire or ethernet external harddrive
    - ethernet might be beter for backups

    I make backups to DVDs - 3 copies each - 1 backup, 2 masters,
    one of the masters is in a safe - underground

    I keep the backup with me and use it when ever I need to, when it gets
    to bad to use, I make a copy of the master, if there is a disaster,
    I can make copies from the masters in the safe thats underground

    and every 5 years I burn them all again, shred the originals

    - I plan to setup an ethernet backup system - thats also
    underground, easer than working with CDs,DVDs - but
    there will still be some CDs,DVDs - for the more important stuff

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    Try one of these or something like it.
    It will backup a lot faster. Another option would be an external SATA drive.
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    Buy two and mirror them or use some sort of script to do nightly backups.
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    Hey man, i think you asked me earlier when i was sleepuig or something. If you're buying 2 equally sized drivers, get SATA and do raid. if not, buy a BIG one and call it a day. If you need a drive duplication program, i got that. As i sell laptops, i try to duplicate the working drives so that, in the event of disaster, i don't have to sit there and reinstall everything again.
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