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Thread: Security Camera Systems

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    Security Camera Systems

    I've been contemplating a computer-controlled/recorded video monitoring system in my home.

    I would like a few wireless-signal video cameras to install around the house and have them somehow connect back to my computer which would record upon motion sensing. Sound is not necessary but it would be cool if it wouldn't cost much extra. Resolution isn't very important, as long as it's large enough to recognize someone's face.

    Do any of you guys have any experience and/or reccomendations as to what products I should/could use for these applications?

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    You could get any hardwired camera then use a wireless xmitter to send back to the PC. That way you can get a decent quality camera. The native wireless cameras are for crap.

    For recording, I bought a Kodicom card. I haven't actually installed it yet, but that's coming soon.

    For an example of cameras and wireless transmitters, check out . I've never personally purchased from there as I have a few "favorite" merchants that source me whatever I want, but that site seems pretty complete.

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    Just remember, unless they are WPA'd 802.11 cameras, anyone can pick up the video feed. So no wireless cameras in the bathroom--or anywhere else inside the house for that matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Euclid
    Resolution isn't very important, as long as it's large enough to recognize someone's face.
    From what distance? If you are installing them in such a way that someone would come within 10-15 feet of the camera in good light (daylight), then just about any camera will do. From 15-30 feet, you want higher resolution like 600 lines. Beyond 30 feet, well, forget about identifying their faces. You could recognize someone, but you wouldnt be able to tell who they are if you didnt know them.

    I highly recommend black and white as opposed to color. It provides better contrast and resolution, as well as having a better ability to "see" in low light situations.
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