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Thread: Money making scams - what have you tried, what happened

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    How about this?


    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder View Post
    Hey, as long as it's not any particular race I'm offending, I can stand to be a pedophile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ODYSSEY
    How about this?


    You beat me to it....



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    we own some land on top of a hill - we have not been there for some time
    a few years

    it had a beautiful view overlooking the ozarks

    well we go to check on the land and some one made a 2 story house
    like 3 foot from our property line, down the hill, blocking our view

    they made it were it lines up with our house - so ether we have to
    move the house or make a 2 story house to get the view back

    then the public swimming hole - thas was 5 min from there - some
    *** holes bought up all the land and fenced it off - Its was a highway
    bridge with access buffalo national river on both sides - even had a
    state maintained road down to it

    it was the only swimming place for about 30miles - thanks a lot *** holes
    - I hope they die and burn to death -

    but yea thats the same as Cybersquatting in a lot of ways

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