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Thread: Anyone in Italy with a washing machine

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    Oh i almost forgot: Movies!!!!!

    Fellini, Bertolucci, Leone, Argento, Romero and ofcourse Brass...

    Theres no country in world to beat Italian Cine!!!!

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    so far this thread has made me laugh more than any other, i'm gonna stay away from italian washing machines though! waterfalls and neverending laundry! Italy just had better things to worry about then clean close thats all! (suits are Dry Cleaned)
    Progress on stereo system 100%

    Progress on carpc 0%

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    trade it in on a kenmore.
    current system: car2pc adapter playing aux in for a sansa fuze media player. simple. cheap. effective.

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    I always drain the water from our washing machine every time I used it. So, you better take the drain hose and put it down by your floor drain. It should start to drain through gravity. Good luck!

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    lolo, sure they make cool cars ... that sit in your garage waiting for parts!

    @ drain
    The U.S. doesn't normally have a floor drain.
    We have them, and I don't like them! Stupid carpenters/washing makers always puts the drain in the most convenient location and washing machine makers love to put the hose where it doesn't fit to the drain.

    Besides, the drains stink because it's a straight hole!!!

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