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Thread: Auto Back up? any recomendations?

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    Auto Back up? any recomendations?

    hey wssup guys well heres the story... ive got a 200 gig portable hd that i take with me to all my dj gigs with bout 11k mp3s on it but i dont got a backup!! ive tried to keep a backup but i cant keep em both syncd 100% i know there has to be a program that can change the backup drive when i change the main drive so say i add 10 songs to the portable hd i would want that program to add those 10 songs to the backup hd aswell at the same time...

    do u guys know of n e prog that does this? any recomendations? thanks!

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    Norton Ghost... has a feature to add modifications to an existing backup, so it basicly takes a long time once, than only small chunks will be added...
    if you need it, LMK

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    either use synctoy free from microsoft or why not use the backup that windows has built in just apend the backup and not create a new file. Synctoy just replicates the drive/folder like for like so whatever you have on one you have exactly the same on the other. The built in backup creates a backup file so you cant actually see the MP3's, Norton ghost does the same. I think Synctoy probably sounds more like what you want and is what I use to keep the house PC in sync with my car pc.
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