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Thread: CyborG is dead. Til i get a new G.

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    CyborG is dead. Til i get a new G.

    Last night i was asked to sell my project car. I grudgingly agreed. There's alot to it, and i'll put up a myspace blog link to my first reactions. This has been a bad week unparralled. For those of you who know exactly what this project and getting that car running meant to me, i won't repeat anything, i just wanted to say "thanks for your support". The only good news this weekend,was that my gf and i made it to one year. Last night i decided, while sleeping, to rework the desgin to fit the celica. I'll need all new speakers and what not, but that car is so beat up and fugly that it will be the best security system wiht some tints. See, i made a funny. I still have something left...

    Anyways, had to vent.
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    As always, I'm sorry for your loss....



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