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  • sell stock wheels, keyboard for custom rims, yo!

    10 62.50%
  • keep stock and say ta hell with it!

    6 37.50%
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Thread: poll: sell soul for awesome rims or call it quits

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    Constant Bitrate
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    stock wheels are staying for now.
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    Maximum Bitrate Sidewalksalvage's Avatar
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    I saveed both!

    I searched ebay for weeks on end until i founds something that works..

    I spent 200 bucks on 17" Chrome Lexani Isolators!
    The wheels where in fairly good shape and were already wraped with z-rated tires with a good %thread left. The chrome on the inside of the wheel was a bit chipping but the exterior is in excellent shape.

    So now i have my original stock wheels in case of an emergency. and I have my nice 17"s on all the time. And since they were so cheap I dont bother swapping them in the winter (cuz if they die they die....) I keep them clean and it works great.
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    wait and save your cash or get a loan or borrow from somewhere. keep the stock rims for winter rims and tires. if you put awesome rims on the car, why **** them up in the winter?
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