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Thread: Need help - Sony Multishot feature to single image

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    Need help - Sony Multishot feature to single image

    Hey guys,

    Need some help, I've got a load of photos that were shot using the Sony Multishot function on a Sony Cybershot camera.

    Does anyone know how I can convert these to single images rather than an array of images??? If I open them in a normal graphics package or even the Windows Picture viewer they open as a kind of collage but the preview shows as a single image, any ideas???



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    With my Minolta, if I use the multi shot function I can open the file folder using my card reader and select each indivdual image and open/edit/print/whatever in any photo type program.
    Did you try taking the memory card and reading it directly?

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    they shouldnt open as a collage..

    at least for my sony cam, if i use multishot, its just a series of normal pics that open properly, example, first time using it, they'd be like DSC_0001.jpeg, DSC_0002.jpeg, DSC_0003.jpeg

    then clicking on whatever one, would only open that pic, it shouldnt open as a collage, as far as my cam goes, it doesnt save it as a collage

    was it a mistake to use multishot? if it was, just delete all but one of the pics, and it should work i assume +_+


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