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    Not really my bag, baby, but I'm thinking about add a couple off emulators so I can run classic Nintendo & Saga games, give me something to do while sat in the carpark (or by the side of the road waiting for the AA, which is probably more likely)

    Now my question is, does anyone know anything about emulators, preferably ones which any old muppet can use. My mates a massive Mame fan and's written his own version, but I don't understand what he's doing at all. So I'm think I need some thing more simple.

    Info links etc would be great.

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    I have got a zipped package with 600 some games and a good emulator for them. It is a classic nintendo emulator, and it is lots of fun. I think the file is like 65 mb. So if we can find a way to get it to you, its all yours.

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    for snes I would go for zsnes or snes9.x both are very good and suppost almost al games just do a search for emulators and usally you will find tons with nes snes genisis 32x psx and so on.


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