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Thread: Full circle

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    Full circle

    I've been a broadband user for almost a decade. It's always been cable, for whatever reason.

    I lived in Ohio and the product there was Roadrunner from Time Warner. For the most part, it worked, and worked very well. The Akron/Canton market was one of the first to beta-test the service. While I wasn't the first to get the service, I was certainly an early adopter.
    So form 1997 - 2001, I was a Roadrunner user.

    I moved to California and was living with a buddy for a while.
    He had Excite@Home. That was bought by AT&T broadband, which was then taken over by Comcast. When I moved out, I signed with Comcast in the new place.
    I retained Comcast when I moved to Dallas in 2004.

    And now Time Warner is taking over cable & internet service in this area.

    Once again, nine years later, I will be a Roadrunner user again....

    I don't know if I'm supposed to be happy or sad about this....
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    not sure yet.
    eh...worry about the better deal.
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    I have always been a RR user, almost since day one. I tried to get DSL at one time, but Bellsouth gave me so many hassles about everything.

    All that will change for you is the name you write on the check. The service will stay the same.

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    Well, Comcast is taking over Time Warner in this area. Assuming they stay on their monopolistic binge, you'll be eaten up again soon...

    Oh, TW gobbled up Comcast in your area? WTF is going on here?!? I have a feeling the big wigs are playing a game of Monopoly with our cities...
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    It's part of the big Adelphia bankruptcy takeover. Basically, TW and Comcast bought up Adelphia and divided up the pie. As part of the deal they traded some customers here and there.

    TW already had a lot of cable business in Texas so it made sense for them to get the Dallas area customers from Comcast. Comcast took over some of TW's customers elsewhere but I don't know exactly where.

    I have lots of friends on RR service in Austin so I'm not too worried. And maybe the price will come down a bit, as Comcast has been sticking it to me for cable modem service. DSL is MUCH cheaper but I can't get it in my neighborhood.

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    ah... OK?

    but my internet is still better then yours!
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