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Thread: Anyone good at writing resumes?

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    Question Anyone good at writing resumes?

    Anyone good at writing resumes? This computer tech told me to email me a resume for an intership. Basically I work with computers as a hobby so I dont have anything good to put on it. I'm in college for ISDS. I have worked my whole life selling uniforms at the shop thats not computer related. Anywho.. can anyone help me out?

    I was thinking since my resume sucks so much.. to put some of my accomplishments. Like

    Learned linux to build a PVR out of an old computer to function as a digital video recorder and a digital home entertainment system.

    Installed a computer in my car .... arg what to put.. Anyone help? I REALLY want this job!

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    There are essay writing companies on the net. They'll write you an resume for as low as 19.99-39.99 if ya give them a couple of days.
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