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Thread: Bad Hardware / Seller Experiences ? Warn Us Please

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    Bad Hardware / Seller Experiences ? Warn Us Please

    I will start by mentioning a seller on ebay named "narro" !!

    Google his name and find out why he is one of the worst seller's on ebay.

    I bought a holux 236 gps receiver that he sent without a signature request and it was lost. He basically said ha ha too bad and Im out $50 of this money since ebay keeps that as a deductible and I didn't use payapl.

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    Why is this posted in Review Palace?
    This certainly isnt' a review.

    I'm moving this to the feedback forum, as that's most appropriate.
    You might also consider reporting the original Classified post from that user.

    Please pay attention to what subforum you're in when you're posting next time.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    WOOPS.... sorry bout that

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    I've seen much worse than 98.2% feedback.
    Sorry about your loss, however...
    anytime I use eBay I use PP. And furthermore...anytime I use eBay I keep the thought in mind that I may loose all my money (even though I use PP)

    The last item I bought wasn't sent to me, went to PP and filed a complaint with good results, even if it did take 4 weeks to get the item.

    USE PAYPAL, and buy with the thought that you my not get anything.
    Kinda like loaning money..if you loan it out, consider that it may not be returned...consider it a gift, not a loan.

    Yes, eBay sucks anymore...I try to avois it as much as possible. (feedback there means nothing), E-Cig Mods
    "A great smoking alternative"

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    Do Not buy from them.. They scammed me. I bought a monitor from them 5 months ago and they sent me a what look liked a used 7inch flip touch screen. It went bad after 2 months. The inverter went out and the screen didint flip out right so I sent it back and they sent me another one. Now this one is going bad.. touch screen has to be recal every 10 mins and the screen has a ghost baddd.. So I put a request in to RMA .. Nathan the support guy says no problem ill send a label and you ship it back. well i get a phone call and the guys like well i can either repair it or I can give you a refund. So i say give me the refund and ill get a diffrent model else where. Give my credit card info and next thing i know I was charged for it instead of being refunded. The guy dicks me around 2 DAYS and then finally says that I frauded them by sending them back a unit that wasnt in their system and that the warranty seal was broken. This is complete BS and I dont recommend buying from them AT ALL. Just wanted to give a heads up while im in this battle to get my money back. DONT BUY FROM AUTONODE.COM!!!!!!!!
    And also if you really search there more then a handful of people who have been having problems with their monitors. Just a heads up!

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