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Thread: Where is Armen

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    Where is Armen

    Does somebody know where he is?

    Made an order on his website,creditcard has been charged but still no produkt.

    maybe can somebody contact him?

    I am from holland,is a little difficult to contact from here


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    Did you email him?
    Perhaps send him a PM here?

    The guy is a one-man operation. Give him a break. Send multiple emails and setup any email you send to request a read receipt so you know at least that he's seen the email.

    And search these forums. There aren't any members who will claim that Armen is going to rip you off.
    And it might be a better idea to add to another "Where is Armen" thread as opposed to starting a new one.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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