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Thread: TV Sound cuts out when turning lights on and off...

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    TV Sound cuts out when turning lights on and off...

    Hey everyone,

    Just a quick OT thread to help out a mate of mine.
    At his parents house, they have a LCD TV with digital TV setup in the lounge.
    Anytime they flick a light switch or open the fridge door (fridge light goes on -- tested by just pressing switch in the fridge) the digital TV sound will cut out for a few seconds.

    They had an old DTV STB which the TV signal completely cuts out when doing the same things, so its not a faulty STB.

    Any ideas what could be wrong? Faulty wiring somewhere? Its just wierd that only the digital TV sound will cut out (so its no the speakers, as all other sources - DVD, HTPC, etc - dont have any problems).

    Thought someone on here might have an idea where to start...

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    Something weird on the circuit that those lights/fridge/tv is plugged in to?


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