I started installing my new setup in the Mini, well just the new sound system (JL of course) to start with, to get it all in the dash has been moved forwards an inch on each side, and the sound dampening had to be removed from the bulk head

Going to relocate the front speaker to the door when I get some free time.

Anyway to my horror I found that the battery couldn't take it. I was only able to listen to the stero while accellerating, it would cut out under breaking

So I went out to get a new battery, and asked my local car shop if they sold optima batteries, and there responce was

"Sorry try in the news agent next door, we only sell car batteries"

Great, so after alot of shopping around, I found one shop who sold them for a mear 155 for a red top, and it would take sevearal weeks to get one in

So I went for the next best thing, the biggest (most powerful) one I could fit in the Mini (luckally batteries where alot bigger in the 50s when they designed the Mini) So I'm now briving around with a massive brick of a battery in the back which is designed for a 3L Ford

Next weekend I'm going off to find a bigger alternator, but that'll just involve swipping one off a Metro VP, so I can carge it up without plugging it in get night

The moral of the story, don't fit a big stero in a little car.

On the plus side, JL kick some serious ***, and if your car and cope seriously fit a JL setup, they are worth every penny.