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Thread: Honda/Alpine = Offensive & Insulting

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    if u'v done ur hw, u would have confronted (and possibly solved) this issue before the purchase. You could have simply told the dealer ur concerns and they possibly would have included that option (noted by Redian) to close the sale, or possibly discount it significantly.

    Really, Honda isn't to blame, they put money into other more things rather than the stereo.

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    now here's some thing that no ones brought up yet. do you remember back when CD-r was first starting to become available and not every thing would play all manufacturers disks??? then dvd-r came along and similar problems were found, again some manufacturers disk not working in some drives. then the re-writables came along for both formats and finding any hardware that wasn't strapped into the front of a pc wouldn't read them, the drives built into dvd players, cd players and games consoles just didn't have the tolerances to read the weaker (read as shallower pits) signal that came with re-writable technology.

    Car audio kit has always been behind PC when it comes to optical drive technology, these days you take for granted that if you buy an optical drive for your pc its going to read pretty much what ever you put in it, if it doesn't then there is probably a firmware update not too far away that will adjust the tolerances and fix the problem. Now assuming honda were only after a fairly basic head unit (and you haven't said any thing about the cars audio system been some thing they were using as a major selling point so i could be wrong) and will have been building to a budget, do you really expect it to be right at the top of the range? the car may be the 07 model but the head unit won't be, more than likely it will be an old model with a new face to fit the hondas' dash.

    so heres an idea, you've already said you going to be putting a Mac in it to replace the head, in the mean time why not do what every one else who buys a car with an older mp3 head unit in it does and burn them th CD-R so that the head can get enough signal off the disk to play it rather than shouting like the world is about to end on an internet forum (and a forum that is filled with people who are dedicated to doing away with head units at that)

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