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Thread: Buying a domain

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    Buying a domain

    So i want to my a domain from I have a quick question, IT asks if you want the damin in Windows or Linux....What are the differences and which 1 sould I choose?
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    Well, it sounds like you are actually using to host your domain as well? You can use to register a domain and host your website anywhere. As far as what operating system you use to host a website, usually if you choose something like Linux it will come with a web management system like CPanel. If you plan on using something like FrontPage to manage your website you are going to want to use a Windows server. It all depends on what operating system you are most familiar with, but as I said before if you go with Linux it usually will not matter as hosting usually comes with some web based management tools to help you get your website up and running.

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    i use godaddy for my main web cite that i run, and i first got it in windows, but it did not have the fetures that i wanted so i had them switch it to linux

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