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Thread: Saab dash issue, anyone know?

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    Saab dash issue, anyone know?

    I took apart my dash to install some stuff and when I did what I usually do
    is take it apart then put everything back without any modifications to make
    sure I didn't mess anything up. When I took it apart the controls for the
    heat, blower fan were a little tricky to get out but I managed but when I
    put them back in the blower does not work. I attached everything the way it
    way and checked the fuse. Everything looks ok, is there anything anyone can
    think of that would make it not work, a ground or something? I have a '92
    Saab 9000.

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    I have no f-ing clue. But I have a Saab too! Check it out ! But to get it fixed, I would reccomend going to the message boards for classic Saabs at Saabnet . Good luck dude! Saabs rock hardcore!



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