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Thread: Interior Neon

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    Interior Neon

    Anybody know any good interior neon lite products? thanks

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    this site == Computers in cars.

    And why would you want neon inside your car? So you glow like a ricey UFO?

    If you want to light up your custom carputer, then get some 3mm cathode ray tubes that feed off of a molex and plug directly into your PSU. It will make it light up well and they are only about $4-$5 for thousands of hours of light.
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    I personally love neons, I have underglow, under seat neons, under dash neons, neons trimming the visor, and neons behind my speaker grill that pulse to music. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how to get them in my vent and behind the door handle.
    If you want some good ones, check out (the best underglows, and really good 4 switch panel) (best for cold cathodes) (the craziest high intensity LED's)


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