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Thread: Any way to jam a stereo system that plays CDs.

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    My mother and I are surrounded by people like this with really loud stereos. My elderly mother asked one bunch please can you turn it down, that she is seriously unwell and can't rest with it. For her politeness, she got a group of them surrounding her telling her 'get lost you psycho b..., and we hope you drop dead'. After that, we let the professionals (cops) handle it. But after having to call and report similar stuff at 2:30 in the morning from the same crowd, I got the ringleader around to my house threatening physical violence and threatening to kill us. We reported that, and nothing was done about it. I reported the incident to the real estate agent, and the same guy came back saying he would continue to threaten us if we didn't shut up and do as we were told. He also threatened to slit my throat, induce respiratory and heart distress in my mother by turning it up as soon as possible, and threatened to stalk me when I was shopping and drag me out in the streets, and told me, 'I know when you leave the house, so just wait'. This time I got the whole thing recorded with iRecorderPro on my iphone. Police still did nothing. I had to pay $1000 to get a lawyer to force police to press charges.

    We have another neighbour who has 4 speakers in each car door and 2 subwoofers in the back, has been told politely how loud it is and how distressing it can be. Doesn't care, because he's proud of how much noise he can make and feels he's above the law. He's also been attended by police who've made him turn it down. He has also been attended to by health inspectors from the council, and I am seriously considering hiring a lawyer and taking it through the civil courts because trying to talk nicely is getting nowhere.

    So it's one thing saying don't ring the police and just talk to people. We have at least 3 lots of neighbours just as noisy and horrible (but maybe not as violent as this one). Talking gets nowhere, and you can end up putting yourself in physical danger. If someone has a stereo cranked up like that, it's useless getting mad at the person reporting it. Why get angry at someone when you're the one doing the wrong thing and they're only doing the right thing. I've suffered something near to post-traumatic stress symptoms for 5 years now as a result. It's debilitating, it has lowered the quality of life of both my mother and myself, and as a full time carer it's not like I can just get away from it without abandoning my sick mother. I've even had full scale depression as a direct result of the continual racket, and although I am a Bachelor of Music, I now am not far from curling up in a foetal ball when it starts again - and you never know when it's going to start because it's like Russian roulette. Not very good when it even impacts part of your professional life. IMO, it is far better to let the professionals handle it.

    That being said, very often chronic nuisance noise offenders seem to know every loophole in the law and every grey area. It has been said to me by our local council that there has not been a single successful prosecution on the basis of noise despite having laws in place against it (this is Australia I'm talking about). They tend to be very subjective, so unless you're eardrum is near breaking, count on them to do as little as possible. I tend to be a bit envious of friends in the US who tell me that their police usually squash it ASAP. Over here, mostly they will still do nothing (especially if you get a 20-something cop who does the same thing in his off hours), and even when they agree that it's unreasonable, they will give them at least 2 'don't be such a naughty boy and turn the music down a bit' requests before they will issue anything. There is usually a specific time frame between each warning, so basically by the time they get around to rolling up the third time (if they can manage it at all with underfunding to police and overload of lots of people doing the same thing, and trying to handle other crimes etc), they will probably have had their overnight party, and as a neighbour you're left shattered again, as usual. If you've got lots of money, dragging them through civil courts citing prolonged action with diaries of their behaviour, and expert testimony of the level of psychological stress created by it is ideal. But who has that sort of money except the mega-rich, who can probably afford to just move out into a neighbourhood without these sort of neighbours.

    Plus, my cousin (really bad, loud party goer whom I tend to stay away from) informs me that those in the know can get their hands on equipment that can pick up when police are in the area (something to do with a particular frequency that police use on their communications systems) and the moment they get within a particular range, the music goes down. And then up again once the police van is out of range. This up down up down volume behaviour had me baffled until he told me that this is what these neighbours are possibly using.

    So the original question is wonderful, because so often the victims are left helpless when this sort of stuff starts. I'd love to know a way that would jam every stereo system in this street once it got above a certain level. Can't be any less legal than taking a baseball bat and getting them to stop that way, and probably will have less chance of getting you in jail.

    I found this forum after suffering the fourth such incident in a single day today, and every single day this week, and gutless authorities who can't and/or won't do anything. So if anyone does have an answer to that original question, I'd really love to hear it. I am desperate enough to really need it.

    BTW I have Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones. They mute most sounds if you put your own music on and turn it up. Can't hear if anyone talks to me under those conditions, but still can hear boom boom boom very distinct from the music that I'm listening to coming in from underneath it. And in the long run, this runs the risk of destroying my own hearing just to get away from the neighbour's noise (which is probably going to harm my hearing on its own, anyway).

    So please, please, please, if anyone has any idea how to jam these guys I'd be very happy.

    Quote Originally Posted by LiftedLimo View Post
    Dont call the cops. Have you even gone over and talked to him yet? Cops only make things worse for things like this IMO.

    Our house used to get the cops called on us once a week for music. After the third time, we were very very mad. Durring a braindstorming session about how to mess with them, we relized we never just asked all the neibors about it. Opps? After talking to the neibors, we worked out a plan that makes everyone happy. We sat in their house and turned the volume up untill we could hear it. Marked that on the house stereo. Now we can only go above that mark on sat nights, and only untill 3am or so.

    We also make them cakes

    Everyone is human. My car stereo was so loud with one subwoofer you could hear it 2 blocks off cranked. I didnt know untill somone told me . Now I have a second sub and amp to install(but their is no point right now). Moral of the story, talk to the people who annoy you. Then you relize they are stupid and didnt think out what they are doing.

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    Call The A-Team!!!

    Or you could go all psycho chick on them. Wait till they are having another "late nighter" go over there, party a bit, hook up with the "ringleader", rock his world, come home call the cops and tell them you were raped. Boom problem solved.

    Do I get a cookie now?
    Quote Originally Posted by menudude View Post
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...

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    Well, I had a Dr Evil moment last night when I couldn't sleep because the so and sos were at it again.

    I've already applied for Mensa (met the cut off range, yay!). Get chummy with some other Mensans with physics, engineering, or electronics backgrounds whose favorite hobby is researching EMPs. Then pose the problem of how you would get one of those - or a similar device to disrupt stereos at will which will be undetectable by anyone with the brain of a flea (which most of these noisy moron neighbours of mine seem to have). (Or get chummy with a brilliant lawyer???) Fantastic fantasy, anyway.

    Or alternatively, hit the internet in search for knowledge of how I might fast track my knowledge of these subjects so I can try building my own. Not into destroying devices (they'd probably just get new ones anyway). I kind of like the idea of having the power to decide when enough is enough with a temporary disruption device. Then when they're loading the thing into their cars to take to get fixed, put it back to normal. They pay out lots of money to find out there's absolutely nothing wrong with their machines, only to find that every time they have a party, the same thing happens again. So they get a more expensive, more powerful model. Same scenario. Back to the technician. Try a different technician. Same scenario again. Way more satisfying than a simple police fine, which though largish, is not anywhere near as large as what they'd be forking out this way, and more often, too. And they wouldn't get a nice little tap on the wrist from a friendly constable first.

    Now, if I had ever foreseen this moment in my life, I probably would have been less inclined to dump off all my science subjects for arts and philosophy. Could be a whole new way of encouraging kids to keep up science subjects - 'Do science - and have the power to get back at your nasty neighbours later in life......'

    Psycho chick routine sounds interesting, but I think I'd throw up at being that near any of this particular crowd, and implausible anyway, because they're usually so drunk that I doubt they can handle rudimentary toilet issues let alone raping anyone. The only things they ever exercise are (1) their beer bending elbows, and (2) their stereo pushing and volume twiddling fingers,and I think it might be easier to teach a merino sheep to construct a nuclear bomb than teach any of these particular idiots anything beyond these two party tricks.

    While 2 sets of them actually do seem to go to work and come home (meaning at least some hours of relief - except for the idiot who works as a self-contractor with his own house as the business address, meaning potentially in and out with the stereo van at any time of day), the third set allegedly work (according to their real estate agent), although only ever seem to leave the premises to get more beer or go to the pub, have virtually no furniture, and are only interested in listening to their stereo when at home, but do seem to afford short trips overseas and back with great regularity every couple of months. I generally know, because that's the only time we don't have their stereo to 'entertain' us.

    All this technological advancement, and we still haven't worked out anything that beats the old baseball bat meets stereo solution........

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    EMP is electromagnetic pulse. It requires special equipment, lots of power and is irreversible. It is likely to destroy not only your target stereos but your stereo and any electronic device in the vicinity including your microwave oven, printer, cell phone, television and automobile.

    Not that it wouldn't be fun, but it isn't what I would call a selective technique.
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    What would be more temporary is just a very very very high power EMF radiator. High power signal at the correct frequency, might be able to be picked up in their wiring (and everyone else's too) and become audible. Sort of like engine whine but from an external source. It should work, but since signals loose their effectiveness exponentially over distance, if it from your house, across your yard, into the 2 way street maybe, and then their driveway with a good radius, you will need some new wiring run to your house to handle the load more than likely...
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