Hey guys. This is not related to carputers, but I know a lot of electronics gurus frequent these forums, so I'll give it a shot.

I built an arcade machine (like the ones from http://arcadecontrols.com), and now I want to have a way to turn on the following from a single switch:

Fluorescent lamp

What I do now is turn the switch on the power strip (the speakers and light with it), turn on the computer and turn on the TV.

I was thinking of rigging the computer and TV switches to have a switch together for those two, but I have an idea to have maybe some sort of special circuit to send whatever power the computer needs and close the circuit to the TV.

Am I crazy or this can be done? If so, please point me to the right places and I'll try to figure it out. I know ZERO elecronics, but I do have a friend that is studying that, he could probably help me out.

TIA guys.

edit: Hey, I just thought of something I read a while ago. On an ATX PSU I can short cables 13 and 14 and it will always be on, right? It will behave like a AT PSU in the sense that as soon as I put power to it the puter will start, I think. That way I would only have to worry about a way to turn the TV on, since that switch is momentary.

Oh, also I forgot to mention my BIOS has no option to start the computer when power first gets to it.