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Thread: Am I a fool for buying ECS mobos?

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    Am I a fool for buying ECS mobos?

    I like ECS motherboards because they are cheap and have lots of onboard stuff. My desktop system (nearing 14months old) has a K7VZA with a 900 Tbird and I have built 3 systems in the last 5 months with K7S5A's with either 2000 or 2100 XP's. The K7S5A systems boot in like 4 seconds (well, maybe not that fast, but its pretty fricken amazing), and they keep the cost down because of onboard LAN and Sound, and they are only about $60.

    My problem is this: My floppy controller went out (and I thought for the longest time it was the drive--only found out last week it is actually the motherboard), which gives me an excuse to get a new mobo(and processor). The K7S5A has DDR and SDRAM slots, but it can only hold 1GB of either (and not both). Full specs here:

    Am I a fool for wanting an ECS mobo? Gimme suggestions for any better <$80 motherboards for the Athlon XP.
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    I heard a lot of good things about that board.

    I ended up going with the soyo K7VTA

    I got it in a bundle from they have decent prices and top notch service. Even if you find it slightly cheaper someplace else i recomend buying here!
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    We use them alot where I work.....Not a bad board. Of course I'm pro ASUS ...but when you don't have the cash, you don't have the cash

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    As it stands in my book at the moment, while i still like ABIT (my last few primaray system mainboards have all be abit), my next will probably be Asus (as overclocking isnt as important to me as stability is). I've got a ECS K7S5A at home with a Duron 1ghz on it as a web server, and haven't had a problem, tho I've never had good luck with the people who actually fab their boards (ahhh, IM going mad, i cant remember the name of their fab, they also go under the name amptron).

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