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Thread: Highschool parking lots

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    Highschool parking lots

    Came outside to goto lunch - I walk around and see this...DAMN IT!

    Now I know what it feels like to hit someone and I don't see how I could of managed to do this...Anyways, the po-po there said that the blue possibly is from a license plate from around here (MO plates) and that I could file a report if I wanted - I didn't see a need at the time, I was going back to class. When I get out, I plan to go to the po-po and ask to see the camera tape, If it was recording...

    Anyways, if you can't see, the bottom is dented in and right above the ding guard (ha!) is a good size smudge all about the length of the door. I figured someone was pulling in, hit my car and said **** it. The angle of the dent looks like a "L" shape, as turning left into the space.

    Okay, done ranting...again...ttyl
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    Not just a highschool parking lot problem (though high schoolers are, by definition, idiots ), happened to me at a drug store. Someone backed right into me, drove off. Luckily it was my first car, and had already been hit, so I didnt care much...
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    ^^^ more proof that you can't own anything nice nowadays. so many people **** with my hummer when i park it so i said forget it. i bought me a scion that i could give less of a **** about (in terms of people ******* with it...) so im not going to buy an expensive/flashy car ever again. there are always jealous people and just plain stupid people that wanna **** with your ride for no apparent reason.
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