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Thread: Anyone heard anything about this site?

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    Anyone heard anything about this site?

    They seem to have some good deals but to quote many a smart person, "the only thing free in life is a good *** kicking."

    I know they don't claim to be giving things away, but they are pretty decent deals....Just curious if anyone has heard anything about them. Thanks

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    Something smells fishy about this website. First of all the domain was registered by someone in Utah. Second after going to and looking up any business by the name of exhange in the town it is listed under I came up with nothing on the given address. Third, I find it very hard for a company to not accept credit cards, and fourth no way to contact them by phone? Sounds very strange, however if it is for real I would definantly buy a laptop from them if they are credible.

    1. The reason why the domain being registered in Utah is significant is because the company is based in florida, not Utah.

    2. Having no business listed at the address in the whitepages makes me very skeptical, however something must be there (as it seems to be a business district) if they plan on getting any money via money order to that address.

    3. Just as I said it is VERY hard to believe a company would not accept credit cards as there are numerous ways out there now to prevent credit card fraud.

    4. Not being able to contact them by phone is VERY weird. I even emailed them and still have receieved no response.

    As I said, if someone can confirm this I would most definantly purchase a laptop from them.

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    Well I wonder if they would let me come pick items up instead of having them mailed. That way he may be a little more honest.

    I'm not interested in anything he has but if anyone else wants me to try to contact him let me know...
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    In case none of you checked out the "About Us" page:
    Where are you based?
    Our warehouse is located at:

    3701 24th Ave. West
    Bradenton, Florida 34205 USA

    Please note we do not maintain a walk-in retail store! If you wish to pick up your order in-person then email us to arrange a date and time.
    It seems to me that they are just new to e-commerce, and are trying to cover their ***. M.A.V.I.C. System
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