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Thread: OpenMobile Device Framework - taking the PC out of carPC

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    OpenMobile Device Framework - taking the PC out of carPC

    CarPC enthusiasts are usually fairly tech-savy. To the average forum user knowing the difference between a C:\ drive and an E:\ drive and whats located where is no big deal. We wont even mention the linux users and how complicated their drive layout can be. For the rest of the world though, using an in car entertainment system needs to be straightforward and so easy a 5year old can use it (which very well could be in some cases).

    Enter the OpenMobile Device Framework...

    OpenMobile's Device Framework provides platform independent access to hardware devices. This ensures that a device on a windows based install looks exactly the same as a device on a linux based install to end users, skinners and plugin developers. More importantly it provides detection, mounting and access to Cell Phones, iPods, USB Thumbdrives, USB Harddrives, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray disks, digital cameras, card readers and more. Each with an easy to identify icon and easy to identify name.

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    windows actually confuses me more than anything now that I've gone from window -> linux. I mean, you are in the file explorer in C:\ and hit "up one level", you end up in My Computer. Now hit it again, you are in Desktop. Yet desktop is actually a subfolder in C:\? How confusing is that? At least in Linux, I hit up, and I eventually get to root. root is the beginning of all life.
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