One of the common problems with carPCs is standardization. Every manufacturer uses different systems for in vehicle communication, every carPC owner has different hardware and even the carPCs themselves vary significantly. Some front ends try to design for each specific combination of hardware....but we take a more openMobile approach.

Introducing the openMobile Sensors Framework......

The sensors framework is completely generic, datatype neutral and incredibly fast. RawHardware plugins are designed for each device, similar to drivers of an OS, and from that point on, higherlevel code builds on top of it. Sensors use a universal PID system combined with plaintext names, so even if a sensor was never conceived of when a skin or plugin was designed, it can be interfaced with perfectly. Most importantly of all, sensors can build on existing sensors (aka sensor nesting). This allows for minimal OBDII interface sensors (providing only a single get/set functionality), with a GMLan sensor plugin above it interfacing with the OBDII sensor and providing the rest of the framework with GM specific sensors. For an even more universal approach a CanBus sensor could be used in-between depending on how the GMLan plugin is designed.

You will start seeing more and more sensor plugins roll out as we expand our developer base...and more and more skins building on these features as the plugins become available. As an example, the weather data providers in 0.8 and higher can automatically update weather each time you enter a new city.