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Not to get too technical but MPX assigns devices to virtual pointers (called master pointers) not to screens. Each pointer (cursor) needs to be moved to the indended screen it wants to be used on (and is in no way limited to it). For devices like touchscreens, which use absolute coordinates not relative motion, this isn't even an option. So two more reasons that implementation is completely useless.
The only reason why absolute coords would matter is if you configured your screens to use something like xinerama or twinview instead of making them separate screens.

I may be a little fuzzy on the X terminology for things, (trying to remember the multi-zone setup I did for a company a summer ago) but I recall finding the making them separate screen sessions was the easiest setup and didn't require the apps to do anything special. XI2/MPX wasn't available at the time so I had major issues with simultaneous dragging making X explode.