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Thread: NEW PLUGIN: OMEmulator

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    NEW PLUGIN: OMEmulator

    Brand new emulator front end!! Uses OMs libEmulator for rom indexing, icon management and cross platform play.

    So far supported:
    * MAME
    * N64
    * NES
    * SNES
    * Gameboy/Gameboy Color
    * Gameboy Advance
    * Gamecube
    * Wii

    All roms are automatically indexed by OM, the list of roms can be sorted by a few different fields and when launched the emulator is configured properly and displays on the correct screen in multi-zone systems. This plugin requires OM 0.9 or higher.

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    Now THAT my grandkids would LOVE!
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    Looking good! You guys are starting to get the plugins I want. With CF I have to have seperate emulators.
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    Sweet, love the old skool games

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