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Thread: Skin Layout Rules

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    Skin Layout Rules

    I have not designed or worked on a skin since I helped come up with the original graphics for OM.
    I have the itch to get back into some skinning work, but I have no idea where the project is as far as layout.
    Such as I remember in the initial stages, the four corners of the skin were assigned to certain functions. But looking at the Highway skin, that approach has either been abandoned or changed. So what I am asking is what are the rules, are areas of the screen reserved for certain functions, or as skin developers, are we allowed to run away with it however we want, just so long as it is usable?

    If someone could answer that, I would appreciate it, I have an idea for a skin that I want to start working on, but dont want to waste my efforts.

    Thanks OM Team.

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    Overall I have been out of most of the skinning stuff, but I believe you can do whatever. Even with highway we wanted to try to keep the main functions in the corners for easy access but I personally take that as a usage recommendation vs a hard set rule.

    As far as a reserved center area I am not sure. The few skin screens I have written have all been basic test data type ones to display sensors, gsp status, etc. Borte may be able to give you better answers there.

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    Hi Matt, Welcome back!

    We could always use your excellent skinning needs, the default skin really needs an update...

    The layout isn't locked in any way, we can do pretty much anything that suits a skin. We've tried to follow a general rule to keep the area inside 0,110,1000,400 free for plugins and content. Other than that's it's mostly anything goes.

    If you have an idea about it's welcome, just create a quick layout that we could talk around (maybe a new default skin could be on the horizon ).

    You're still on the wave list aren't you? If not I'll add you in.
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    Glad to be back, I am working 60-80hours a week through the summer, so things from me will be a little slow going, but the ideas are abounding, and I agree, a new default skin is on he horizon.

    As for wave, I haven't been on it since beta, but I will PM you about that one.
    - Project: Unified Car Control
    - Original OpenMobile Interface Designer

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