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Thread: Modular head unit

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    Modular head unit

    After scrabbling around to get a stereo in the car for a long trip last week, it got me thinking.

    All the parts can be bought to put something together pretty cheap nowdays. Headunit amplifiers are limited to wire diameter on power output.

    What if someone came up with a modular design? By this I mean, everything can be swapped out or upgraded.

    Base it around a basic odroid, could try a pi, etc.

    There are loads of small amps around that'll fit in the single din, have separate power cables for 4x50watts RMS, not the 16 they do at the moment.

    A small dac, there are loads to choose from.

    power conveter/isolator

    minidsp can do the DSP duties, although are there software EQs for android?

    Storage is easy, CD deck would have to be sacrificed probably. Do people still listen to CD

    Largest screen that'd fit in a single din sideways, have it so it can be moved to left, right or middle.

    Then the buttons and surround. Where it could be like the old phone cases, swap them out at will, make some to suit each car/type/demand. They'd be pretty cheap.

    Idea being on everything, you can spend as much or as a little as you like, upgrade down the line. Mainly change the looks to suit your car. I'm picturing Becker style OE looks. P77MP. etc

    I need a headunit to switch between cars as they work and don't, haven't had one in years. Was thinking about buying a Pioneer prs for 240, but I reckon I could make something for that. Software would be my failing though, I couldn't do that. Is there anything that'd work at the moment? Could be open source?

    Thoughts, ideas, criticisms welcome.

    Parts ideas would be a good start

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    Could be a good start? Doesn't look much better than the average headunit amp at 12v?

    Or something like

    I'm trying a hifiemediy usb-spidif, but there are loads around, same for power options.

    I'll have a hunt through chinatobbys shop later for a screen.

    Leaves software, which we might get away with one of the android car pc skins, or maybe try and redo xbmc? Maybe theres something already out there for a phone?

    And buttons/surround. These would have to be outsourced, probably the chinese, but it could be done. Bet there would be a MOQ, moulds etc, which is where the investment would be I guess. Would there be any interest?

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