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Thread: Green Theme: Vert Edition

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    I like the idea of the big screen, however I need to keep the vents as is and I want two screens, besides it's September and its still 105 outside. I hadn't thought of repositioning the HVAC controls...that was a great idea. As soon as OM is complete expect to see some pics of my rig.

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    Ya I'm looking forward to what you do TJ, looking for ideas myself as I'm about to buy a 99 7.3l diesel. I think I'll go for 1 very large lcd (the biggest I can fit, screw the ducts if need be) in the main dash area then a single DIN Power Acoustik PD-931NB to put just below it in the 650 pod. This would give me a ton of screen real estate, as well as the option to run the computer by itself, the HU by itself, or dual head the computer through both screens.

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